Linksys RE1000 Wifi Extender Device | One of the Best WiFi Booster Device

We know that how it feels when you can’t have high speed internet connections even if you have high end router devices for your home network. This is true that making the installations for the router device required many precautions but router still these devices have some limitations. In case if you are getting slow internet issues for your home network then you can install the wifi extender devices for your home network.

Linksys range extender setup

Linksys RE1000 Wifi extender device will be the best solution for you in this case. We are providing this article so that you can know about the advance features of this wifi booster device. You have to clear about the difference between your wifi extender device and router devices. The router devices are used so that it can receive the wifi internet signals from the modem device and wifi extender device is used so that that you can have high speed high connections for each corner.

For making the configurations for your Linksys RE1000 Wifi extender device you can use the web browser and in the address bar you can fill Linksys wifi booster configuration address. The default address for making the configurations you can use http:// web address. This is the default web address that is used to manage the required settings for your device.

At the back side there are two most important things that you must know about. First is the reset button and second is the Ethernet port. The Ethernet port is used to connect your computer system and router device together. This connection will make it possible that you can access the Linksys router login page easily. The reset button that located at the Linksys RE1000 Wifi extender device back side is used to reset your device to default settings. You will need to press the reset using a paper pin or any other shard object.

Manual Configurations for Linksys Wifi Extender Device

Linksys wifi extender device is used to boost the weak wifi signals at your location. You will able to enjoy high speed internet connections for all your devices if your Linksys wifi booster is configured accurately. The default web address for accessing the Linksys wifi extender device is http://

extender.linksys setup

For the configurations of new Linksys wifi extender, you can use the setup CD and using that setup CD you will need to follow very simple steps. Once all those steps gets completed, you will notice that the wifi signals are now available for the place where you were facing the dead zone issues.

extender.linksys setup

If case if you have lost the setup CD for your device, you can go for the manual configurations for your device. using the manual configurations you will need to follow online instructions using http:// web address.

Steps for the Manual Configurations for Linksys Wifi Booster

  • For the manual configurations you will need to connect your Linksys wifi router and computer system together. For these connections either you can use Ethernet cable or you can also choose wireless connections.
  • Reset your Linksys wifi booster to the default settings using reset button and open the web browser at your device.
  • In the address bar you have to fill http:// web address and hit the enter key.
  • Go for the “Wireless” button and choose “Manual” radio button.
  • You can choose the security for your device and then define the password for your device.
  • A new window will appeared where you will need to fill all the required details like password for the device access and up to 5 keys.
  • Click on the “Save” button at the end.

Do not forget to save all the settings and configurations you have made for your device. These settings will make it possible that you will able to access the trouble free internet connection for your devices. Make sure to choose a strong login and setup password for your extender device.